Seminar with STANISLAV HORUNA in Phuket City

Saeed Parvas, the national captain of the Thai karate team, is trying to make the so far small sport of karate grow in the homeland of Muay Thai. He is confident that Thailand will be able to produce world champions in the future.

– We decided to do a training camp with world class athletes and olympic medalists to promote our competition. Another important reason was that we wanted to give our Thai athletes the opportunity to train with professional athletes to get more confidence and new experiences so that’s why I decided to invite Mr. Horuna, says Saeed Parvas.

Are you satisfied with the event?

– Yes, we are really satisfied with the camp. It was the first international training camp with world class champions in Thailand and one of the highest levels in Asia last years.

How many attended?

– Fifty participants from ten different countries.

What kind of feedback have you received from the participants?

– The most important feedback we got was to increase the number of participants of the Thailand Open Karate-Do Championships 2022 to 690 people. Most of the countries have sent a big warm thanks and great comments about the training camp.

Was it instructive to take part in a European training style?

– The level of the training camp was a little different from European ones. The reason is that the fighting style and level of southeast Asian athletes are different, that’s why we try to match them with other type of athletes.

Do you want Horuna to return in the future?

– For sure we will try to invite Mr. Horuna again next year. He is a superstar in the karate world and a very valuable athlete. Our athletes should learn from many people about kumite.

How many practitioners are there in Thailand?

– During this camp we had thirty athletes from Thailand and in competition we usually have about two hundred Thai athletes.

Is karate a growing sport in Thailand?

– Yes, we are trying to promote karate in Thailand and create more opportunities for our national athletes to be able to participate in international training camps with world champions. I believe it will help our athletes to improve as well as we want them to do.

Do you think Thailand will be a successful karate nation in the future?

– For sure Thai athletes will be champions in future World Championships. In my eyes all of the Thai national team members are already champions since they won many medals in competitions in Asia and southeast Asia last year.

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