Final chord – WKF Karate Serie A tournament in Jakarta

Karatekas from 58 countries performed at the WKF (World Karate Federation) Karate Serie A tournament in Jakarta

Jarakta hosted the Serie A final this year. And 545 karatekas from 58 countries arrived in the capital of Indonesia, and the competition turned out to be the highest. Among the participants were athletes ”Budo-Nord” from Switzerland, Denmark, Ukraine, Lithuania, South Africa and Brunei. Among them, the best result was shown by Andrey Toroshanko (84 kg), who won the bronze medal.

Ukrainian bronze final in favor of Toroshanko

This season Serie A allows many karatekas to extend their competitive period. If the last Premier League tournament held in Baku fell in September, then in the future they got the opportunity to play both in Kocaeli and Jakarta at the Serie A stages. In this sense, the competitions in Indonesia were of great importance for many participants, as they were considered as the final start of the outgoing year.

Based on the location of the competition, the countries of the Asian region provided a large turnout. The hosts put up a squad of 131 athletes, 68 karatekas were delegated by India. Against this background, a team of 24 karatekas from Iran or 20 athletes from Hong Kong looked like “insignificant” numbers.

And the most numerous of the European teams turned out to be Ukraine, which sent 26 karatekas to Jakarta, four of which performed in a Budo-Nord outfit. Andrii Toroshanko (84 kg) successfully held the tournament and won a bronze medal. He started with a victory over the owner of the tatami Zannu Rhamhadhana (6:0), and then beat another athlete from the Budo-Nord team – Larsen Mads Wiberg – 4:1. But in the quarterfinals, Andrey lost to Rikito Shimada (Japan), missing one hit. But since the opponent reached the final, Toroshanko continued his performance in the repechage block, where he first upset Zaid Oussama (Algeria, 3:1), and in the fight for bronze, by decision of the referee, he defeated his teammate Tsymbal Konstiantyn, which also uses Budo-Nord equipment.

84 kg – ”Budo-Nord” karate fighters match

It is interesting to note that the largest number of athletes who chose ”Budo-Nord” performed in Jakarta in the category up to 84 kg. For example, Tsymbal in the first bout met with Futter Troy from South Africa, who is the team of this manufacturer with him. The fight ended in favor of the Ukrainian (1:0). Then he passed Hamidan Mohammad Jabar (Indonesia), also inflicting one accurate blow, after which he defeated Eto Junya (Japan) – 6:1. The victory over Tarnakin Nikita (Kazakhstan, 3:2) brought Tsymbal to the semifinals, where he lost to Shimada Rikito (Japan, 0:1). Well, in the battle for bronze, as noted above, Konstantin lost to Toroshanko.

Kopytko Denys (67 kg) advanced to the quarterfinals, beating Dwi Kadek Krisna (3:0), Phogat Himanshu (India, 3:1) and Virak Bout Chrun (Cambodia, 2:1) one by one. In the semi-final with a score of 1:4, the Ukrainian lost to Nakano Hiroki (Japan), who could not reach the final, as a result of which Kopytko lost the chance to continue the fight in the repechage block.

Ukrainian Vasylenko Olha (50 kg) won one bout at the tournament: she defeated Saini Ritu (India) with one effective shot, then lost to Nur Anggraini Annisa (Indonesia). Here, too, everything was decided by one blow, but not in Olha’s favor.

Two wins for Larsen

The Danish team was represented by two athletes. Larsen Mads Wiberg (84 kg) had a good tournament, starting with a confident victory over Soders-Long Tristan.

He did not give him the slightest chance, winning more than confidently (8:0), and then defeated Sonkar Adarsh ​​(India) – 2:0. However, in the 1/8 finals, Larsen lost to Andrei Toroshanko (Ukraine) with a three-point difference – 1:4.

The opponent, by the way, was able to win bronze in the future, then Serie A was completed for Larsen Mads Wiberg.

Fuyu Lind Trine (61 kg) also had a chance to go as far as possible in the tournament grid, but in the first round she lost to Sulistiandari Ayu, the owner of the tatami.The duel turned out to be effective, ended with a score of 4:4, but the referees gave the victory to the karateka from Indonesia. The duel turned out to be productive, ending with a score of 4:4, but according to the rules of ”senshu”, a karateka from Indonesia won.

The performance in Jakarta of two Swiss karatekas, acting under the auspices of Budo-Nord, turned out to be short-lived.  Osmani Kron (67 kg) lost in the first round to Blanchet Jason (France) with a score of 1:4, and Kadoic Mia (over 68 kg), although she started from the second stage of the tournament, could not pass Azlan Amirah Syahirah (Malaysia), gaining only one a point in a duel – 1:4.

Lithuania sent one athlete to Jakarta – Jurgilaitis Remigijus (75 kg), who competed in Budo-Nord equipment. He started with a 3:2 victory over Flago Rajesh (India), but then lost to Hsu Wei-Chun (Taiwan) – 1:3.

Brunei national team, Mohd Sofian Muhd Sufizan (75 kg) and Pg Hj Zainal Ak Muhd Abdul Quddus (67 kg), who performed in Budo-Nord equipment, lost in their opening matches. Mohd lost to Nazmyradov Davut (Turkmenistan) with a difference of three points (2:5), and Guddush lost to Hai Nam I Khaut (Vietnam) with a score of 0:8.

As part of the Thus, the Series A tournaments of the current year have been completed and will continue in the new season.


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