Interview with NSW Karate Federation Inc. about Budo-Nord in Australia

Budo-Nord has expanded and is now also available in Australia, but NSW Karate Federation Inc. is helping with the distribution there.

Being able to offer Budo-Nord in several countries is a goal we have had for a long time, but for us it is important to find the right partner who both believes in the brand but also sees the quality Budo-nord offers.
We sat down and had a little chat with Wally from Australia to know a little more about them, who they are and how they succeeded in their market thanks to Budo Nord.

What is WKF’s position on the Australian Martial Art market?

WKF Approved equipment is very popular In Australia. All athletes in the Australian Karate Federation team wear WKF branded equipment as they aspire to represent their country.

What is your background in Martial Arts and Karate?

I have been involved in Karate for more than 40 years in a management role. I manage a Karate School and Z Sportswear martial arts equipment

How did you become so successful on the Australian market with Budo-Nord?

Z Sportswear works closely with leading Instructors, National and International Coaches, elite athletes and International Referees to ensure that all our products are world class. We stock Budo Nord as we have tried and tested the products and we know they are of high quality and standard.

Present your Australian Budo-Nord Karate team.

There is a few members in Australia wearing budo Nord and as we further promote the World class Budo Nord brand we plan and hope more members will be wearing Budo Nord.

What are your future plans for Karate in Australia?

Z Sportswear is one of the leading Karate suppliers in Australia and we have some exciting plans in the near future which we will keep a surprise for now but keep an eye out.

What are your future plans for Budo-Nord Karate in Australia?

We plan to have a long term relationship with Budo Nord and hope to see many more athletes wearing this world class brand

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Ivan Spoljaric

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