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On the weekend of September 10-11, Zendokai Karate International Camp returns after a two-year break due to the pandemic. Kampsportnews had a chat with Peter Sehlin, secretary and info manager at the club, to find out more about this year’s edition.

This year’s event features one Swede and three reputable instructors from Japan.

Naka Tatsuya, 7 Dan, JKA HQ
Kobayashi Kunio , 7 Dan, JKA HQ
Hirayama Yuko, 7 Dan, JKA HQ
Ted Hedlund, 8 Dan

How was the idea of holding a karate camp born from the beginning?

– Zendokai is Sweden’s oldest karate club in the style of Shotokan and we have for a few years discussed that we should also take our responsibility for arranging an event in Halmstad. We saw the need to attract talented instructors and to create a large social event. In the choice between arranging a competition and arranging a camp, we saw that the need for a camp was greatest. The driving force in the matter was our then chairman Rick Grundevik. The starting point was not to compete but to complement. JKA has for a long time had a spring camp in Hässleholm and a summer camp in Malmö, so the natural choice was to set up camp in early autumn as the weather in the summer town of Halmstad still allows the outdoor cafes to stay open. We have an excellent facility in Halmstad Arena where we can hold events. The camp is always held the weekend of week 36 to facilitate everyone’s planning. We also wanted to raise the bar by making the camp well-arranged by, for example, including lunch in the price, so that no one has to think about the practicalities. It is always difficult to find sensible food at a sports facility. The camp also includes a social part where we arrange After Karate on Saturday night so that everyone can get to know each other.

What type of practitioners is the event aimed at?

– The camp is aimed at karate practitioners and our instructors train in the Shotokan style. It is not an obstacle to participate if you practice a different style, but it is easier if you master Shotokan kata.

How has the event developed over the years?

– In 2016, we started with two instructors: Kurasako Kenro and Shiina Katsutoshi from JKA HQ and Peté Pacheco from Portugal.
2017, we increased to three instructors from Japan: Ogura Yasunori, Naka Tatsuya and Shiina Mai.
2018, we continued with three instructors from Japan where we wanted both kumite and kata specialists to get a full width of the camp: Shiina Katsutoshi returned and Shimizu Ryosuke (kumite master) with Chubachi Koji (kata master).
2019 was a special year when Ueki Masaaki Shuseki Shihan, 10 Dan, wanted to participate in person together with Ogura Yasunori Sensei, Kurihara Kazuaki (kata master) and Shiina Mai (kumite master).

Has the goal always been to have internationally renowned instructors?

– Yes, the starting point has always been to bring the professional instructors from JKA HQ. We have also strived to create a balance where there is something for everyone to take home.

Why do you think people should sign up now that you are back again?

– The 2022 camp offers three fantastic instructors with extensive experience in both kumite and kata. The camp is also a great social event with practitioners from both Sweden and the rest of Europe, which creates a wonderful family atmosphere where we meet to both train and socialize. It is a good atmosphere where everyone hangs out, regardless of affiliation or nationality. The fact that it takes place in the tourist town of Halmstad on the best coast in September also adds value.

More information about the event can be found at Zendokai Karate International Camp 2022

Are you interested in participating? Register here

Budo-Nord will be on location with sales of equipment.

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