World karate opened the season in Athens

Athens became the venue for the first ranking world karate tournament in the new season.

It was in the capital of Greece that the first Serie A competitions were held, which brought together more than a thousand participants from 74 countries. Athletes wearing “Budo-Nord” equipment from Denmark, England, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, Switzerland and Ukraine also took part in it.

Quarter-final Pineu

In the weight up to 60 kg, the Irishman Gahan David lost to the Turk Akchin Can in the first fight. Both struck each other with two effective blows, but then the opponent went to the next round. But in the category up to 67 kg, the Irish teammate O’Sullivan Conor won two matches in the main draw. He started with a 4-0 victory over Kyrou Irineos from Cyprus, and then upset the Icelander Ramos Samuel Josh – 5:1. But in the third round, O’Sullivan lost to Italian Ramos Matt Steмen (0:1), completing the tournament. English Thompson Jed (67 kg) had one fight in Athens, losing at an early stage to Tamsa Niklas from Slovenia – 2:3. Also, Kjærbøl Markus Lundsgaard (Denmark) took part in one fight: he could not get past the Turk Basaran Berke, losing minimally (0:1).

In the weight up to 75 kg, the best result among the Budo-Nord athletes was shown by the Portuguese Fernandes Bernardo Pineu, who reached the quarterfinals. Already at the start of the Premier League, he defeated Kolb Anton (Germany) with a score of 8:0, and in the next round, the only accurate blow brought him success in the confrontation with Rossi Joseph (Italy). In the future, Fernandes upset Nielsen Christoffer (Denmark, 1:3), who, by the way, is also a member of the “Budo-Nord” team. In the quarterfinals, the Portuguese lost to Salapura Djordje (Serbia, 0:8).

As for the aforementioned Nielsen Christopher, he has two victories in Athens: the Dane defeated Nigsch Adria (Austria, 1:1) and Mushanovich Emin (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5:2). And the Ukrainian Yanenko Konstantin at the start beat Kasturi Sahil (USA, 5:8), but in the next round lost with a difference in points to Maileffer Cyrille (Switzerland, 2:3).

Two wins for MCCarthy

In the weight category up to 84 kg, Ukrainian Tsymbal Kostiantyn started with a victory over Zhivkovic Ognjen (Serbia, 0:0), and then developed success in a duel with Zeljić Nikola  (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1:0). But in the next round he lost to Gyurik Adi (Slovakia, 0:1). And his Ukrainian teammate Bugayov Maxim beat Spasenovski Petar (Macedonia, 3:0), but could not break through further, losing to Gashi Melos (Kosovo, 0:2).

Athletes from Ireland and Scotland competed in the weight category over 84 kg. The Irishman Crean Sean MC Carty won two victories, beating Dzuho Rijada (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5:4) and Marino Gabriele (Italy, 2:0). His teammate Crean Christopher MC Carty defeated Ercan Umit (Turkey, 4:0), after which he lost to Stylianou Mathaios (Cyprus, 2:3). It is noteworthy that in the first round the Cypriot upset the Scottish karateka ”Budo-Nord” Cochrane Joseph (0:4).

In his group, the Irishman Gannon David took fourth place, ahead of rivals from Egypt, England, Moldova and Italy.

Double Ukrainian-Japanese encounter

In the women’s category in the weight category up to 50 kg, two Budo-Nord karatekas from the Ukrainian team took to the tatami, participating in a total of three bouts. Bychenkova Valeriia could not get past Morales Chavez Barbara Michelle (Guatemala, 0:0), and Vasylenko Olha defeated Gashı Redon (Kosovo, 1:1), and then lost to Tahata Rinka (Japan, 4:4).

The Ukrainian-Japanese encounter could also be observed in the weight category up to 55 kg. Protsenko Anna first beat Bosco Alice (Italy, 0:2), after which she lost to Nakamura Shiori (2:3). Potapchyk Anastasiia lost to Demirturk Gulsen (Turkey, 2:5).

Irish O’Sullivan Ayla (65 kg) limited herself to one match, losing to Kostovska Veronika (Macedonia, 0:5). As well as the Ukrainian Kostovska Veronika, who lost to Deste Federica (Italy, 2:3). Another representative of Ireland from the “Budo-Nord” team, Kelly Caitlin (68 kg), lost heavily in the first round to Vukoja Lea (Croatia, 0:7), while for Kadoic Mia (+68 kg) the trip to Athens also turned out to be unsuccessful: Swiss lost in the first bout to Oliveira Ana Rita (Portugal, 1:1).

On March 10-12, Konya, Turkey will host the next Karate1 Series A tournament.

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