Pierre Dahl

Entrepreneur with more than twenty years of professional experience in the sports nutrition, martial art and fitness industry. Works primarily with business and product development. Studied biochemistry and has trained and lectured in nutrition and sports nutrition. Elected from the Health food industry and served on a working group of the MPA, the NFA and the Consumer Agency as an expert in sports supplements. Co-founder of the Institute for the Sports Supplements in Sweden and has also published a number of training and nutrition related articles, and participated as a training and nutrition expert on national TV and radio. Holds 8th Dan and had trust in Swedish Budo and Martial Arts Federation, has been responsible for public relations Steering Committee and for the establishment of a Japanese Martial art style with 46 Dojos and about 2.000 practitioners in Sweden. Co-founder of NSTC (Nutrition and Soft Tissue Center), sports injury clinic for training and optimization of training and injury prevention training and rehab. Since 1989 been a member of the board of NSTC Personal Training School with over 2.000 trained personal trainers. Founder of Budo & Fitness Stores and has since 1992 been involved in the establishment of more than 20 Budo & Fitness stores in Sweden. Co-founder of the e-commerce Company Great Shape Europe.

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