European Championships in Karate “battle” in Larnaca

At the beginning of the month, the first of the planned European Championships took place in Larnaca (Cyprus) that hosted the Continental Championship among cadets, juniors and athletes under 21.

Nyman on a pedestal

İf we talk about cadets, then in the weight category up to 47 kg, Swede Nyman Agnes, who won a bronze medal, successfully performed. In the first two fights, she did not lose a single point to her rivals, defeating Yildirim Defne Eda (Turkey, 4:0) and Mulhern Lucy (Ireland, 5:0), who also uses the «Budo-Nord» equipment. However, in the quarterfinals, Nyman lost to Dremann Emily-Chiara (Germany, 0:1), but moved to the repechage block. Here Agnes coped with Ostojcic Tiyana (Serbia, 2:0), and in the duel for bronze she defeated Mammadova Fatima (Азербайджан, 1:0).

Also in the category up to 47 kg, Knirke Filipas Nikita from Denmark was declared, but she could not pass Yuksektepe Aya (Belgium, 1:0). Irish Foley Arina (54 kg) limited herself to one victorious fight, beating the representative of Macedonia Fetai Kenza, but was defeated by Anthony Shanae (England, 1:4).

In the weight category up to 61 kg, Ukrainian Voloshin Solomiia successfully started the championship, defeating Stoimenova Veneta (Bulgaria, 3:1), but in the future she could not pass Damjanovich Jovana (Montenegro, 0:3).

Bath Astamaja from Denmark had an effective meeting with Santos Carolina (3:3), the outcome of which was in favor of the Portuguese.

In the cadet kata Dane Lohze Molly became the sixth in her group, and in the cadet kata her teammate Gadsboel Anton became the seventh in the subgroup.

In kumite among cadets Stetsiv Maksym (52 ​​kg) stopped a step away from the medal. The Ukrainian held six meetings in Larnaca, successively beating Attard Zachary (England, 2:1), another «Budo-Nord» karateka Kjaerr Poulsen Alvin (Denmark, 1:0), Lugert Niels (Germany, 5:0) and Neagu-Barzan Alexandre (Romania, 1:0). But in the semi-finals he lost to Rombeaux Matt (Belgium 3:3), and in the bronze match Stetsiv lost to Hornak Filip (Czech Republic, 0:1), finishing fifth.

In the same weight, the Irishman Phelan Sean chalked up a starting victory over Papadopoulos Dimosthenis (Greece, 0:0), but then lost to Maslov Lovro (Croatia, 0:0).

In the category up to 57 kg, two karatekas met already in the first bout: a Dane Kallestrup Marius was opposed by the Ukrainian Prannychuk Nazarii. The fight ended in favor of the representative of Denmark, who then defeated Soskic Filip (Montenegro, 3:1), but lost in the third round to Ogus Savas (Turkey, 0:3). And Kelly Cathal from Ireland beat Dobrovolsky Denis (Moldova, 4:0), but could not get past Stepanov Mateja (Serbia, 2:4).

In the weight category up to 63 kg Ozoruba Nazarii became the seventh. The Ukrainian at the start upset Karlen Theo (Switzerland, 2:0), then overtook Glamocic Muhamed (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5:0), but lost to Packwood Benjamin (Scotland, 5:3) in the quarterfinals. In the repechage match, Ozoruba lost to Kolodziejczak Przemyslaw (Poland, 0:4).

Among the cadets, two more karatekas of the Irish national team competed. Donaghy Keenan (63 kg) lost in the first round to Ivanchik Oliver (Slovakia), while heavyweight Trant Michael could not get past Selimovic Armin (Austria, 0:8).

Krot won silver

In te junior competitions, the silver medal was won by Ukrainian Krot Yuliia (+66 kg), who performed on the «Budo-Nord» equipment. On the way to the final, she upset Buyukasik Eylul (Turkey, 4:0), Dolby Chelsy (England, 5:0) and Ruehlmann Charlotte (Belgium, 2:0), but lost to Pergolesi Asia (Italy, 0:1) in the final match.

In the category up to 53 kg, Dane Lippert Sara took fifth place. She started her performance from the second round and beat Soalhaes Pinto Petra Filipa (Portugal, 5:0) and Bougrine Amel (Belgium, 3:3), but lost to Kilic Buse (Turkey, 1:0) in the semifinals, and in the fight for bronze lost to Kvasnicova Nina (Slovakia, 4:0).

Tybjerg Maria (Denmark) and O Brien Sadhbh (Ireland) competed in the weight category up to 59 kg. They won one victory for two: Tybjerg won against Karmaniola Vasiliki (Greece, 4:3), after which she was defeated by Retory Celya (France, 0:2), and O Brien lost to Otero Luengo Eva (Spain, 3:4).

Among juniors in the category up to 61 kg, the Dane Kristensen Hailemichael won a bronze medal.

He spent five fights in Larnaca, leaving behind Van Der Weide Niek (Netherlands, 3:1), Abu Arara Fahed (Israel, 0:0) and Bjelajac Ognjen (Montenegro, 1:2). In the semi-final, Kristensen failed to beat Poniava Uta (Georgia, 0:5), but converted his chance for third place by beating Baliotis Georgios (Greece, 1:1).

Heavyweight Houlberg Mejlhede Lucas (+66 kg) defeated Gashı Leart (Kosovo, 0:0), after which he lost to Lazarevs Danıla (Latvia, 0:3).

Danish bronze

In the U-21 competition, Fuyu Lınd Trıne (61 kg) won a bronze medal. The Dane beat Karakaya Aysıma (Turkey, 3:1) and Economıdou Revekka (Cyprus, 2:0), but lost to Khamıs Reem (Germany, 2:2) in the semifinals. In the fight for third place, Fuyu Lınd Trıne defeated Trıkos Mına (Serbia, 4:3).

Ukrainian Vasylenko Olha (50 kg) was able to complete two laps.

First, she beat Cosgrove Nıamh Lılly (England, 6:0), then Grcıc Tamara (Serbia, 1:0), but then lost to Verdes Lındez Sofıa (Spain, 3:0).

Also two victories in Larnaca on account of Matos Constanca (55 kg). The Portuguese karateka beat Pazzaglıa Anıta (Italy, 5:4) and Lederer Alessandra (Austria, 5:0), but lost to Rosenlınd Matılda (Sweden, 1:0).

Swede Navas Garcia Cesar (67 kg) lost to Mammadlı Husseyn (Azerbaijan, 3:4) already at the start. Ephrem Krıstensen Noah (84 kg) won one victory: the Danish karateka first defeated Keselak Domınık (Slovakia, 8:0), but then lost to Dzuho Mahır (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 0:4).

The championship was attended by 1114 athletes from 48 European countries.

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