Dublin sums up the Premier League – The “Grand Winner” award also has new names

At the end of the season, the winners of the “Grand Winner” competition were announced

This season’s Premier League series ended in Dublin. The fourth and final stage of the tournament brought together 350 karatekas from 58 countries. Moreover, the leaders of their categories competed not only for medals, but also for the opportunity to win the title “Grand Winner”. Athletes using «Budo-Nord» equipment from Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Ukraine and Jordan also took part in the competition.

Australian Hannah Sullivan (+68 kg) chalked up two victories in the capital of Ireland. Starting with a minimal defeat from Stepashko Anastasiya (UKR), she then took turns defeating Creemers Ingrid  (NED) and Stamer Selina (Germany). This allowed Sullivan to take second place in the quartet, one step away from the playoffs.

The tournament was unsuccessful for the Dane Larsen Mads Viberg (84 kg), who lost in all the fights of the subgroup. First he lost to Abdesselem Raybak  (FRA), then he was defeated by Minardi Andrea (ITA), and in the last match he could not resist the Japanese Eto Junya – 1:9.

Irish karateka Crean Sean Mc Carthy (+84 kg) was included in a subgroup of three participants. At the start of the competition, the tatami owner beat Lacassia Leonardo (ITA), but in the next match lost to Rojas Rodrigo (CHI) with a difference of nine points, taking second place in the group.

Swedish karateka Nilsson Anna-Johanna (61 kg) performed well in Dublin. She first beat Menacer Djihane (FRA) and then lost to Yenen Fatma Naz (TUR). In the last meeting of the subgroup, Nilsson defeated Topalovic Lejla  (Austria) and took second place in the quartet.

Two more Swedish athletes were entered in the up to 51 kg category. Zarei Loren won against Schaerer Maya (SUI) with a difference of five points, but then lost to Japanese Nakamura Shiori – 1:4. And Rosenlind Matilda also chalked up one victory. She started the tournament with a victory over Pazzaglia Anita (ITA), but in subsequent fights the Swede suffered setbacks against Hasani Alessandra (CRO) and Allen Trinity (USA). 

Ukrainian Melnyk Halyna (68 kg) started with a victory over Deuble Sara (SUI), then defeated Irishwoman Kelly Caitlin, also competing in the Budo-Nord karategi. And in the final meeting of the subgroup, she defeated Bratic Melissa (CAN) with a difference of one point. But in the quarterfinals, Melnyk lost to her compatriot Sieliemienieva Elina, after which she stopped fighting.

Another representative of Ukraine, Vashchyshyn Viktoriia  (61 kg), also made it to the playoffs. In the group she defeated Factos Jacqueline (ECU), Huaiquiman Barbara  (CHI) and Radjenovic Nina (SUI), and in the quarterfinals she lost to Italian Angelucci Giulia – 3:6.

Another Ukrainian Fohlinska Vira (61 kg) also competed in the same weight, taking third place in her group. After losing to Graziosi Aurora (ITA), and then defeating Bosshard Lea (SUI) with the same score 1:0, she lost to the Japanese Shimada Sarara in the third match.

Two Ukrainian karatekas from the «Budo-Nord» team competed in the up to 84 kg category. And both ended up in groups of three. Sonnykh Valerii  defeated Perez Luque Victor (ESP), but lost to Timmermans Brian (NED) in the fight for reaching the quarterfinals. And Toroshanko Andrii was unable to open a winning streak in Dublin, losing to Mastrogiannis Konstantinos (GRE) and Huaiquiman Fabian (CHI).

A number of Jordan national team athletes also participated in the final stage of the Premier League. Almasatfa Abdel Rahman (67 kg) won a bronze medal in Dublin. In the subgroup he beat Pak Hnat (UKR) and Blanchet Jason (France), and in the quarterfinals he defeated the Japanese Nakano Soichiro. The outcome of the match was decided by one effective strike. In the semi-finals, Abdel Rahman lost to Xenos Dionysios (GRE), but realized his chance for bronze in a duel with Chilean Freire Fuentes Tom – 9:2. Moreover, at the end of the season, the Jordanian karateka won the “Grand Winner” award, entering a new stage of his career. 

Another representative of this country, Aljafari Mohammad (84 kg), also won the “Grand Winner”. Although the start in Dublin was not very successful for him: he took second place in the group, defeating Haubold Janne (Germany) and losing to Acevedo Jose (ECU).

Having defeated Teeffelen Van Sebastiaan (NED) and Wilkins Brandon (ENG) in the first matches, another Jordanian Masarweh Hassan then defeated Rossi Joseph (ITA) and Mahauden Quentin (BEL) one after another, and in the final he defeated his opponent Berthon Enzo (FRA) and won the tournament. 

In general, the final stage of the Premier League turned out to be eventful. At the end of the season, the owners of the “Grand Winner” were named, and now all the preparation of the world’s leading karatekas will be focused on the World Championships in Budapest.

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