105 countries at the Karate World Cup in Konya

The Karate World Championship among cadets, juniors and athletes under 21 (U-21) in Konya has become one of the most significant autumn events in the international karate calendar.

It was attended by 1861 participants from one hundred and five countries, and the teams of Denmark, Ireland, Northern Ireland, as well as athletes from Portugal, Malta and Ukraine performed in full force in Budo-Nord equipment. Below is a summary of their performance.

The Danes entered in both kata and kumite. Trine Fuyu Lind Trine (U21, 61 kg) and Mads Christensen (U21, 60 kg) showed the best results in the team, finishing fifth. Trine started with a 3-1 win over Claudia Rachwal of Poland, then thrashed Australia’s Tegan Forrest 4-0 and her 5-4 win over Carly McNab of Scotland took the Dane to the quarter-finals.

At this stage, she lost to the German Reem Khamis (0:2), after which she moved to the repechage block. There, Trine managed to defeat Laura Lisac from Croatia (2:0) and entered the fight for the bronze medal, in which she lost to Spaniard Iosine Urra Beraza – 0:6. As a result, Fuyu Lind took fifth place.

Christensen defeated Sethaphong Chanphet from Thailand (2:1), Czech Martin Drabek (1:1), but lost in the 1/8 finals to the future winner of the championship – Aminagha Guliyev from Azerbaijan. In repechage bouts, Mads managed to defeat Shon Zinger rom Canada (1:0) and Anass Abdelmalka from Belgium (3:1), and in the bronze match he lost to Ukrainian Nikita Filipov. Everything was decided by a single accurate blow – 0:1.

Among the cadets in kata, Molli Lohse took fourth place in her group, and in the junior competition Marcus Rosenberg became the second in the subgroup. In kumite, Astamaja Bath (Cadets, 54+ kg) lost in the first bout to Brazilian Ana Kelly Moura (1:2), and Nikita Knirke Filippas (47 kg) started from the second round, losing to Roumaysse Tarkou from Morocco – 0:3.

Marius Kallestrup (Cadets, 57 kg) won two victories. First, he dealt with Zaid Abumuamar from Palestine (2:0), after which he upset the Kazakhstani Askarbek Fautsafar (1:1). But in the third round, Marius did not cope with the representative of Bulgaria Petar Mihaylov (0:1), finishing the World Championship at the 1/8 final stage.

In turn, Kjaerr Poulsen Alvin (Cadets, 52 kg) lost to Jan Chrenko (Slovakia) with a difference of two points – 0:2.

If we talk about juniors, then in the women’s kata, Chia Spiegelhauer became tenth in her subgroup and could not go further, and in the men’s kata, David Veistrup (Juniors) was fifth in the group.

The junior kumite was attended by seven Danish karatekas representing Budo-Nord. Sara Lippert (Juniors, 52 kg) overcame the starting barrier, beating Alexa Jocic from the USA (2:0), after which she did not beat the Macedonian Mihaela Mishovska – 0:3.

And Genta Lahi (Juniors, 59 kg) was free in the first round, but in the second she lost to Rebecca Marshall from England with a difference of one point – 1:0.

Linee Zacho Knudsen (Junior, 59+ kg) started the championship with a victory over Emma Schuetze from Austria (3:1), but then lost to Kazakhstan’s Venera Zhaxybayeva – 0:3.

Mattias Bech-Linaa (Juniors, 68 kg) chalked up two victories in Konya. First, he broke the resistance of Phoenix Bahn from Scotland (2:0), and then he was able to defeat Steven Torres (Switzerland) – 1:1. In the 1/8 finals, everything was also decided by one accurate blow, which Mattias missed from the Turk Fatih Kurt Enes – 0:1.

Alexander Bonderup (Juniors, 76 kg) in the first round defeats Robert Hovhannisyan (Armenia) – 0:1. Hailemichael Khristensen (Juniors, 61 kg) was able to win with a difference of three points (4:1) against Vid Zaric (Slovenia), but then Maxim Moskvichyov from Kazakhstan stood in his way, to whom the Dane lost – 0:1.

And the tournament path of Lucas Houlberg Mejlhede (Junior, 76+ kg)ended as soon as it began. He was beaten by Caio Carvalho from Brazil (1:2), leaving him overboard.

In the U21 standings, Brandt Mathilde Louise (50 kg) lost to Senegalese Gueye Adji Bineta (0:1) in the opening bout, and Erika Batakujevich (55 kg) had two bouts. At first, she beat Jyoti Jyoti from India (1:5), but then she could not beat the Bulgarian Ivana Kamenova, losing with a difference of one point – 0:1.

Godthjaelp Petersen Frederik (84+ kg) at the start had a productive duels with portugalian Pereira Leonardo (3:0) and Italian Iadaresta Antonio, finishing it in his favor – 6:2. Further failed to pass the barrier in the person of the Englishman Francis James – 0:5.

And Ephrem Khristensen Noah (84 kg) defeated Duncan Jonathan from South Africa (9:1) in the first meeting, and then was able to defeat the Japanese Arai Ren with a margin of one point – 3:2. However, in the 1/8 finals, he lost to the Iranian AlJafari Mohammad – 2:5.

Two more Danish karatekas completed their performance at the early stage of the championship: Midjord Jonathan (67 kg) lost to Gamez Scioscia Gian from Venezuela (1:2), and Sorensen Luke (75 kg) could not defeat Fahssi Oussama (Morocco) – 0:7.

Bram Jonas competed in kata and placed seventh in his group.
Athletes of the Ukrainian national team, speaking in the outfit ”Budo-Nord”, won one bronze medal. Her rival was Anna Vashchyshyn (Cadets, 47 kg), who on the way to the semi-finals beat Kriou Emna from Tunisia (4:0), Spaniard Lopez Mendez Idaira (8:1), representative of Morocco Roumayssae Tarkou (3:1) and Italian Legittimo Ludovica (2:1). In the semi-finals, Anna lost to Doperalska Zuzanna (Poland) with a difference of one point (0:1), and in the fight for bronze she defeated Turkish Kilic Nehir – 1:0.

Fifth places were taken by Pereuda Matvii (Cadets, 70+ kg) and junior Illia Zhavzharov (Juniord, 76 kg). Zhavzharov defeated Grigorasenco Nichita (Moldova, 3:0), Hovhannisyan Robert (Armenia, 1:1), Deric Lenny (France, 2:2) and Obernihins Aleksandrs (Latvia, 2:1). In the semi-finals, Illia lost to the Jordanian Bani Fares Saif Addeen, and in the fight for bronze he was defeated by the Turk Aydemir Suleyman – 0:5.

As for ZhavZharov, on the way to the semi-final Pereuda M. passed Selimovic Armin (Austria, 2:0), Deshev Krasimir (Bulgaria, 6:0), Szinak Csaba Zalan (Hungary, 4:2) and Zaram Yasin (Iran, 6:0) .

In the semi-final, Matveii lost to Psomas Ilias (Greece, 0:2), and in the meeting for third place he lost to Ghazouani Rayen (Tunisia, 2:3).

Junior Oleg Ovras (68 kg) started with a victory over Faria Carlos (Brazil, 1:0), Alroumi Mohammad (Kuwait, 3:0), but lost to Ikeda Tokito (Japan, 0:1) in the third round.

And cadet Maxim Stetsev (52 kg) could not beat Aymitari Eisa (Kuwait, 0:1) in the opening match.

The Northern Ireland team was represented by two karatekas, both representing Budo-Nord. Junior Thomas Bell (Juniros, 61 kg) managed to achieve victory in the first fight, breaking the resistance of the Indian Aditya Aditya – 0:4. And in the next round, with a difference of one point, he lost to Piantkvskyi Denys from Ukraine – 2:3. Whereas Mccracken Katelynn (Juniros, +59 kg) lost in the first fight of the championship to Italian Desiderio Anna Pia – 0:8.

Chauchi Amie (54 kg) competed for the Malta national team under the Budo-Nord brand. In the cadet competitions, she lost in the first meeting to the Azerbaijani karateka Gunay Orujova – 0:5.

The Portuguese team in the form of ”Budo-Nord” brought two participants to the tatami. Matos Constanca (U-21), who competed in the weight category up to 55 kg, started with a 1:0 victory over the Czech Stepanova Vendula (1:0), but could not advance further, losing to Levacher Tylla from France – 0:2. And the cadet Novo Luciano (63 kg) lost to Djuricic Nenad from Montenegro with a difference of one point – 0:1.

Scottish junior Gilfillan Harry (+76 kg) was able to defeat the Chilean Imbert Verdugo Bastian (2:0) in the first round, and then the karateka, who performed in Budo-Nord equipment, lost to Brahami Yanis from Algeria – 1:2.

The national team of Ireland at the cadet competition was represented by two Budo-Nord karatekas. Donaghey Keenan (63 kg) lost to Rajabi Arhani Mohammad (Iran, 0:8), and Kelly Cathal (52 kg) lost to Hornak Philip (Czech Republic, 4:10).

In the junior standings, Clare Ava (+59 kg) lost to Nagy Bernadett (Hungary, 1:3), Leigh O’Sullivan (68 kg) lost to Tolegen Beknar (Kazakhstan, 1:7), and O’Brien Sadhbh (59 kg) did not Economidou Rebekka (Cyprus) was able to pass.

Coleman Ryan (61 kg) lost to Ayadd Sobhi (Palestine, 0:1), and Kelly Anthony (76 kg) performed unsuccessfully in a meeting with Mileta Toma (Croatia, 1:2).

In the U-21 tournament, Dolan Emma (68 kg) lost in the first round to Krivdova Sara (Slovakia), O’Sullivan Ayla (61 kg) lost to Ayla Rzazade (Azerbaijan), Power Hieu (60 kg) lost to Bojic Matija (Montenegro, 1: 5) and Sheridan Lee (+84 kg) let down Puce Jure (Croatia, 0:1).

Gannon David competed in kata finishing fourth in his subgroup.

Now in February next year in the Cypriot city of Larnaca, European cadets, juniors and U21 are waiting for the championship of the continent.

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